Bible distribution update from Caleb:

We had a good day on the North Coast – five and a half cases distributed split among several churches where people didn’t have Bibles and two towns that don’t have Bibles or even Churches.

Merline and I feel very privileged to be part of this work. We got to bring Bibles to people who really want them and can’t afford them and we are getting to participate in God’s work in both of these almost unreached towns.

The first is called Le Guyen (spell check isn’t helping me here) and it’s almost completely unreached even though it’s an old community. We set aside 30 Bibles for Pastor Moise’s evangelism and potential church plant there. The second, which we visited today, is called Double Saline. (Twice Salty?) It’s a community of ~300 permanent residents and some hundreds more transient fishermen. There is no church and only 80 say they are Christian. Pastor Moise and the Wesleyan Church of Trou Louis Jeane, his church, are in the process of building something like an outpost church there. It will be a small building with a rock wall and a peeled pole roof. Merline and I are personally compelled to buy the cement for their foundation because they can’t proceed without it. Again, a real privilege to be part of this.

God has connected us with a good man in Merline’s friend, Pastor Moise. He’s a real Christian in every sense and he’s brave enough to stand against church politics and cultural Christianity. The latter is Christianity that has only do with social acceptance and one’s own gain. I’m sorry to say that’s a big problem here. I’m even more sorry to say that many pastors, especially in the countryside, choose self service over God’s service. Pastor Moise is swimming upstream but I see that God is blessing his ministry. For my part, I’m really thankful to have an ally like that in Bible distribution. God always sends the right people.

We still have four cases left, that’s for this week, but today was a good day. Even if only some of those Bibles ever get read, God’s kingdom is growing.


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