Getting to know the Gockes

The Gocke FamilyFrom Pastor John:

Thanks so much for thinking of us and we are very much looking forward to getting to our new home with you guys very soon. As to your questions I have always been called “Pastor John” and that will be fine. Actually I will not have my PhD awarded until the end of May and even then the title will seem awkward to me since I never had it before.

As for the kids bios I will give you a rundown.

Lance (14 years old) is very active in his scout group, church youth activities, home-school clubs and is an avid patron of the local library. In the winter he loves sledding, softball, HAM radio, tubing and camping. He reads history books in his free time and aspires to be a history professor someday.

Emma (12) is active in stage productions, church youth group, volleyball and tubing in the winter. Emma desires to be a Pediatric Oncologist someday.

James and Peter (10) love doing stage productions, sledding, softball, tubing, fishing and climbing trees. They both aspire to be Spy’s someday so their Grandfather (a retired Lt. Colonel) is encouraging them to go into military intelligence.

Sarah (5) loves classical Ballet and chasing butterflies in the yard with her pink butterfly net. The bugs outside are terrified of her and scatter in her presence.

Abigail (4 weeks) loves drinking milk and so far is very nocturnal preferring to stay up most of the night talking.

Amy (age unknown) enjoys being a Mom, hosting small groups, running the Easyworship and PowerPoint software at church and Psychology.

We are very excited to be coming to Long Lake!

Pastor John