August 13: Updates

Your faithful Communications Director has not been so faithful lately. I’ve been out of town since August 1st, spending time with my Mom and celebrating her 85th birthday. So you’re probably more up-to-date than I am. But here are a few updates that I know of:

  • We have received an updated from the Goulds, our missionaries to Haiti (click here).
  • We’ve also received an update from the Manwarings, our missionaries to Africa (click here).
  • Chris has been very busy in the Community Garden, and the fresh produce is beautiful! Who will you take produce to? It’s a great way to invite neighbors to LLWC!
  • There have been many prayer concerns shared in the last few days. Please pray for Don Gordinier, Ed Brown, Lenora and her daughter Linda, Sandi and her sister Missy, Joyce’s nephew, Jean & Luddy’s friend Jack and their grieving friend who lost her son to a recent drowning, new teachers that are needed at LLCS, and many others in our church family. Even if we don’t know the prayer request, God does! And please remember to pray for Pastor John as he prepares lessons and ministers to folks in our community.
  • As Pastor John recently said, “Daily, people pass by us who are dealing with issues about finances, family, faith—the list is endless. Are we even attempting to be aware of their needs? Do our lives reflect the authentic love of Christ?”
  • And let’s not forget to Praise God for working on the hearts of our young people on their trip to Kingdom Bound at Darien Lake! Praise God for those who accepted Christ! Thank God for providing transportation and safe travels to/from Darien Lake. And a huge Thank You to Kathryn for her ministry to our youth!

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