September 9: Announcements

New series for this Fall started Sunday, September 2nd. If the Christian life was a fishing trip in a Guide Boat, you would want a full stringer, right? If you have ever wondered what you would need to do to win the fishing tourney, then wonder no longer. We are exploring each of the ten fish we need to land together from the Brookie Trout to the Largemouth Bass. Invite your friends on Sunday mornings to hear the series on catching all ten of the best fish in Long Lake!

New series for Saturday nights at the Guide Boat services on marriage and parenting, starting September 8th at 7:00 PM.

Wesleyan Youth (grades 7-12) meet on Saturday nights at 7:00 PM in the Sullivan House.

New Women’s Bible study starting this Fall. See Amy Gocke or Joyce Bozak for details.

Come to Prayer meetings on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM at the church as we explore the topic of “Spiritual Warfare” in the Bible.

Mark your calendars for September 22: Potato Harvest Day at Thompsons (with a rain date of September 29th). Dress for the weather and bring gloves and potato hooks!

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