Announcements: September 22

Here are a few recent announcements:

  • Yesterday during adult Sun. School class Pastor Carol Ameses came in and asked us to let everyone know there will be a memorial service at the LL Methodist church on Sunday, Sept 29 at 12:30 PM for Herb Chatsky. For you who may not know who he is, he was an excellent accomplished pianist and played at the ME church in LL and Newcomb for years. Before that he led the Air Force band, played at more than one Jewish Synagogue among many of his accomplishments. You can see his full obituary at:
  • Please make note on your calendar that our 8th annual potato harvest will be on Saturday, October 5th beginning at 2:00 PM.  Please all come to help… also health issues should not stop you, sit and visit. There is plenty of help, this is about friendship and fellowship. Bring your friends, children, and grandchildren. There will be an enormous turkey dinner served afterward at the Wesleyan Church. I guarantee it will be enormous and include pies. You really should come and help.
  • Many thanks to Carl & Roberta Chapman and Venita for painting at the church! The Nursery is all put back together and looks so clean and fresh. The old curtains faded a lot when washed. We could use some new ones. There are 6 windows. Actually two regular and four that are together as a double. The walls are now a soft antique cream white. Anyone willing to sew new curtains?
  • Looking for some nice Christian reading material for these colder days/nights? There are two bookcases full of fiction, non fiction. devotional and other genre available. Several books on tape also. It is now upstairs in the hallway. Check them out! Young children’s books are in the nursery.

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