February 1


  • WKFM (Wesleyan Kids for Missions) meets every 3rd Sunday during Pastor’s message. See Greg or Contact us for more info. WKFM is collecting money for Bibles and supplies for Haiti. They have already raised $120 for children in Albania. You can help by giving spare change to Greg or one of the kids.
  • We plan to send a team to Haiti in November 2014 for a short-term missions trip. Plan to join us and pray for God to use you. Several years ago, Dan and Joy’s daughter did a video of the orphanage that we support in Haiti (at that time, there were 30 children in the orphanage); you can see that video here. There are now 80 children in the orphanage, and in April of 2013, they moved into the new 4 acre Children’s Village; you can see more recent photos here.
  • As a church family, we plan to pack 100 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. There are tips on how to pack a shoe box and gift suggestions here. Note that you can build a shoe box online if it’s easier than packing a shoe box yourself. Bring your shoe boxes to church, where we’ll store them until it’s time to ship them off.

For more information, contact Pastor John at LongLakePastor@live.com or 518-624-2411.

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