November 16 updates

In addition to the announcements below, here are a few more:

  • Ladies’ Bible Study will resume this Wednesday morning at 9 AM with Joyce. We will have the coffee pot on; hope to see you there!
  • Saturday, November 22, join us for our Thanksgiving Community Dinner in the Fellowship Hall at noon.
  • Thank God that no one was injured when Chris’ truck fell off the lift! It could’ve been very different.
  • It was good to see Dale in church today. His grandson was in a bad accident, but they’re OK.
  • Greg spoke briefly about their trip to Haiti. Long Lake is making a difference there! They’re using solar power in the hospital, saving $$ in utility bills. The Church was packed for worship when they were there. There are eight homes for boys and girls; they currently have 80 children in the orphanage. You can see some photos at: Prayer needs: what to do with children when they reach 17? Hospital in progress; Doctors, dentist, pharmacist, nurses, supplies; bring supplies like bandages and medicine bottles to church and we’ll get them to the hospital.
  • On Sunday, December 7 the Christian Community in Long Lake and Newcomb are invited to the opening of the Creche at the Town Hall right after church at 12:15 or so, and then pot luck to follow with carol singing.
  • Please continue to pray for our Pastor and his family!

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