April, May, June 2020 – dresses completed

While we’ve all been in quarantine and unable to have a workshop, our ladies have continued to crank out beautiful dresses! These are just a few of the dresses that they made!

We have an opportunity to send dresses to Uganda, so we met to take an inventory. We had about 303 dresses on hand! We were asked to provide smaller sizes, so we pulled out a total of 140 dresses in sizes 6 mth – 10. And we still have 163 dresses on hand! The fourth photo shows me handing off 3 boxes that contain 140 dresses; Steve and Sharon Burke will take them to Nakaseke, Uganda when they’re allowed to travel.

Steve and Sharon Burke sent us the last 8 photos in February 2021, it shows girls wearing the DAG dresses that we sent. They plan to deliver more dresses to people in very remote areas who live in extreme poverty, where the kids are dressed in mostly rags.