2013 October 5 – harvest

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Potato Harvest: October 5, 2013:

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2013 May 15 frozen corn will revive




2013 May 12 fresh picked asparagus


2013 May 11 everyone helped


2013 May 9 cultivating garlic


2013 May 7 wheat has emerged

2013 May 6 digging up cabbage stored over winter

2013 May 6 Potatoes stored over winter


2013 May 4 Plowed heavy sod going into winter squash in June

2013 May 3 plowed up coyote skull

2013 April 27 planting corn


2013 April 25 Dale helping with onion transplants

2013 April 25 setting out onion transplants



2013 Mar 3 homemade hash browns 2013 Jan 13 Harvested greens from low tunnels

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