April 2013 update: GREAT news: the Haiti orphanage children have moved into their new home! PTL! See the photos at: http://okipe.org/

September 2012 update: Thank you to everyone for supporting our recent garage sales for Haiti! We raised a total of $4,132.25! And another $125 was donated to buy more Bibles. Praise God for everyone in the community who helped with this effort. This money will go to support the hospital and orphanage in LaGonave.

Background: Folks from the LLWC have been involved in Haiti before and since the earthquake. We have been supporting the orphanage in Anse-a-Galets, LaGonave, which is run by a Christian woman, Madam Solliete. Our teams have also gone to help at the hospital there.  We have been blessed to send Caleb Thompson and Andy Pratt to act as a “spear head” for direct impact to La Gonave, Haiti. God has also blessed us by giving us a visionary and true Faith Warrior as a leader of the Eastern New York & New England District of the Wesleyan Church: Pastor Paul James. Please continue to pray for everything we are doing. If you are interested in helping us help Haiti, please contact Greg Bozak at Contact Us.

Here are a few photos from November 2011, when a team from LLWC went to Haiti:


Here’s the Okipe newsletter 2011, which describes Mme Solliete’s work and progress at the orphanage.

Here are some videos from November 2011. You will need QuickTime to view these videos. QuickTime is free; you can download QuickTime for Mac or PC here.

Here are links to two webpages that provide more information.



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